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Everything you'll find here is a work of fiction. Currently accepting requests here.
joining, locked fics

acousticscenery's fic community. Nothing I've written has deserved an R or NC-17 rating, so I see no reason to lock anything. If I do venture into adult content territory, and I do decide to lock things, I'll make a note of it here and in the entries. Membership is open, posting is just for me.

I do occasionally edit things that have been posted. If I do, I will mark them "edited" in the Summary line and/or tags. If the edits are substantial, I may post the new version in a separate entry. If they're minimal, I won't.

On Commenting: Comments make me smile, so do leave one if you feel the urge. I always appreciate feedback. I also often get ideas from just talking with people, so don't be shy. Tell me what you like. Concrit is also welcome, but for that I'd prefer you contact me via PM or at acousticscenery@gmail.com.