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SHINee: Dancing on the Ceiling

Title: Dancing on the Ceiling
Focus: Jinki-centric, gen
Rating: G
Summary: superlamepowers!au (Yes, this has turned into a series of sorts. Kibum Jonghyun Minho). Jinki's (obnoxious lame useless) power has him turned upside down.

Jinki rolled over and opened his eyes. His first thought was, 'I don't remember going to sleep on the floor.' His second thought was less coherent, consisting mostly of a panicked, 'What the fuck is going on?!'

The floor looked wrong. It was smooth. Well, smooth-ish. Slightly pebbled. But it was white, bright white. A seamless, painted white. And then there was the light fixture, standing up in the middle of the room like a glass and silver-plated mushroom. Jinki closed his eyes and took a deep, calming breath. He looked up. Wooden, just like the floor used to be. And there was his bed, on the ceiling. Hm.

Minho walked in. He stood on the ceiling, staring at Jinki's empty bed. "Guys, he's already up," he called.

"No, he isn't," someone yelled.

"I'm, um," Jinki said and then regretted drawing attention to himself.

Minho looked around sharply. "Hyung?"

"Up here," Jinki said weakly.

Minho slowly looked around and then up. His eyes went wide. "Oh." Jinki gave a little wave. "You're . . . up. I guess."

"Yeah." Jinki scratched his head. He sat up, bringing himself very nearly to eye level with Minho. It was dizzying, so he tipped his head sideways. Minho obliged him by tipping his own so that they were more or less lined up. "Hi."

"Hyung, should I get the manager?"

Jinki considered this. He wasn't sure he wanted to bother the manager. What could the poor man do? He'd nearly had a panic attack when Kibum had sneezed three times in quick succession and disappeared for close to half an hour. "No, maybe we should leave him out of this. At least for now."

"God, what is taking so long-" Kibum trailed off as he came into the room and failed to locate Jinki. He looked at Minho quizzically, who nodded to acknowledge him and then looked back up at Jinki. Kibum followed his gaze. "Oh my god. Oh my god, get him down before he falls, Jinki, you're going to die. You're going to die. Don't fall on me - Jonghyun!"

Jinki recoiled, scrambling away from Kibum's outburst. Minho looked up at him, then placed a hand on Kibum's shoulder.

"Kibum. Go finish breakfast. I got this."

"You - you 'got this'? You don't 'got' this. No one has this. This is beyond having."

"Kibum." Now there was a warning note in Minho's tone. Jinki wasn't sure that was the best way to deal with a panicking Kibum, but he bit his lip and said nothing.

"Fine," Kibum snapped. "If you have this, I'll just go and eat my breakfast. We have to leave in twenty." Kibum took one last look at Jinki and left the room, muttering about cursed dorms and something in the water.

"So," Minho said, turning back to Jinki. "Are you. Hm." he frowned, as if unsure which question would be appropriate. "Are you hungry? Kibum made breakfast."

"Minho," Jinki said. He didn't want to sound panicked, after all he was the older one here and he'd always felt that adults should at least make an effort to exude a confident and competent air. Therefore, he was the epitome of calm when he said: "I'm on the ceiling."

Minho sighed. "I know. Do you need a hand down?"

Jinki knitted his eyebrows. "Do you think I can? I mean, do you think that will work?" It seemed rather simple. He stood up, experimentally. He tugged at the edges of his sweatshirt, half expecting it to pull toward the floor, but it didn't. He patted the top of his head, and no, his hair wasn't standing up - falling down - toward the floor, either.

"I'm going to get Jonghyun," Minho said suddenly. "Wait here."

Jinki nodded. He walked over to his bureau, pulling open the sock drawer. His feet were cold. The socks didn't float up to him, but they didn't try to escape when he pulled a pair out and closed the drawer. Jinki considered this a minor victory. He was just wondering if there was some way someone could pass him a cup of coffee when Minho got back, Jonghyun and Taemin trailing behind.

"You made Kibum cry," Taemin said. "Just so you know."

Jinki bit his lip. "Oops?"

"He's fine," Jonghyun said. "He's just on edge."

"Okay," Minho said. His lips were set, but he didn't look worried. Jinki decided he'd have to practice imitating Minho's I-am-completely-confident-in-my-ability-to-deal-with-this-situation face. He clearly had it down. "Here's the plan. Jonghyun and I will pull you down. Just try to get your feet on the floor."

"Maybe he should stand over his bed, just in case," Jonghyun said. "I mean, if he falls we might not catch him and I don't want to explain a broken Jinki to manager-hyung."

"I don't want to be a broken Jinki," Jinki said.

"Hyung, hyung, wait!" Taemin said. "Can you do a flip or something?"

Jonghyun and Minho turned to stare. "What? Why?"

"I dunno," he said sullenly. "I just thought it'd be cool to flip upside down. On the ceiling." Jinki grinned at him. It would be cool.

Minho walked around to the other side of Jinki's bed. He and Jonghyun both reached up and grasped Jinki's hands. "One," Minho counted. "Two, three."

Jinki jumped and felt them both pull on his arms. His head brushed the bed and they both let go. Jinki grasped desperately at the blanket, dragging it with him as he fell back to the ceiling with a thud. He pushed the blanket to the side, and it fell on Jonghyun.

"Hm," Minho said. "That. Hm."

Jonghyun pulled the blanket down and dropped it on the bed. He looked between Minho and Jinki. "I really thought that would work."

"Yeah," Minho said. "Me too."

"How do you feel?" Taemin asked suddenly. "Do you feel like you're upside down?"

"Taemin, I am upside down," Jinki said.

Taemin sighed. "Yes, I know. But do you feel like you're upside down?"

"No," Jinki shook his head. "I feel like you're the ones that are upside down. I feel fine."

Taemin seemed to consider this. "Your personal gravity field has reversed polarity," he declared. "You're stuck until it fixes itself."

"That's not possible," Minho said.

Taemin pointed emphatically at Jinki. "Tell him that."

Minho looked pointedly at Jonghyun, who shrugged. "It does sorta make sense. I mean, look at him."

"Nothing about this makes sense," Jinki said. "I mean, look at me."

"You want him to go outside?" Kibum asked. His shoulders sagged and he sighed. "Guys. He's on the ceiling. If you let go while he's outside he'll go up like a helium balloon. We could lose him."

"You don't know that," Taemin said defensively.

"Not to mention the fangirls and the paparazzi. Can you imagine if this got into the papers? Shinee's Onew's World Turned Upside Down. Does Shinee's Leader Onew Have His Head in the Clouds? Shinee's Onew: Higher Than a Kite. Literally."

"Guys," Jinki said.

"Well, do you want to explain to the manager that we can't record any of Jinki's parts today because he has a bad case of reverse polaritis?" Minho asked.

"You should put gravity in there somewhere," Taemin said. "Otherwise it just sounds like nonsense."

Kibum snorted. "Because it makes so much sense if you think about what's really going on." Taemin stuck his tongue out. Kibum rolled his eyes.

"Hey, don't pick on him," Jonghyun said.

"Whose side are you on? Look, we can't take him to the studio, but we can't just all stay home because Jinki's crawling around on the ceiling like-"

"Like a spider," Taemin said.

"Ugh, thank you for that image," Jonghyun said, giving an exaggerated shiver.

"Guys. Guys. Guys!" Jinki tugged on Minho's sleeve. "Can you get their attention?"

"If you don't mind, hyung, I'd rather not," Minho said.


Minho sighed. "Hey! Jinki-hyung is talking to you!"

Everyone stared.

Minho looked up at Jinki. "Better?"

"Thank you." Jinki patted Minho's shoulder. It was an awkward angle, and he hit a lot harder than he intended. "Sorry," he said to Minho, then turned to the rest. "Guys. I really don't think I should go out like this. Kibum's right, we don't want this getting into the papers, and I'm not sure how well I can sing upside down, anyhow. So just go without me this morning, okay?"

Kibum didn't look pleased, despite having won the argument. "What will you do all day? How will you eat?"

"I'll go in late," Minho said. "I can help Jinki-hyung get settled. I'll meet you at the studio, just send the van back for me."

"What makes you qualified to handle this?" Kibum asked.

"I'm the tallest."

No one could argue with that, and Minho and Jinki were left to figure things out.

"So, do you want to come out to the kitchen for breakfast?" Minho asked.

"Yeah, okay." Minho led the way, and Jinki followed. He thought he'd be dizzy walking on the ceiling, but he wasn't. It was a little strange, seeing everything from his new vantage point, but otherwise he felt perfectly normal.

That was one of the messier breakfasts in Jinki's experience.

Truth be told, he'd prefer to pretend it never happened.

After Minho left, Jinki tried to sit back and do some reading. He couldn't get comfortable. The ceiling was rough, and he was pretty sure he couldn't get a chair upside down. He settled in as best he could and opened a book of short mysteries.

Jinki set his book to the side some time later, and cried out with dismay when it plummeted to the floor. Jumping up, he tried to get it back, but he couldn't reach it, even when he stretched on the tips of his toes. If only he'd been sitting over the desk, then he might have been able to retrieve it. Now he'd have to wait until someone came back to find out what Holmes's brilliant plan was.

Thinking about it, Jinki thought that if he had chosen, he'd have chosen invisibility, just so he wouldn't have had to deal with all the pandemonium going on in the dorms of late. Then again, maybe he'd have caused a panic with his disappearance. No, it'd be okay. He would have just been able to write a note. Invisible people could still hold pens, right?

That train of thought opened up all sorts of possibilities, most of them having to do with new legends of dorm ghosts. Thinking up jokes he could play on people if he could just be invisible instead of stuck to the ceiling, Jinki passed the rest of the afternoon quite pleasantly.

He heard yelling. It sounded like it was coming from one of the bedrooms. It sounded like Kibum. The other voice - well, that sounded like Kibum, too, actually. The yelling abruptly stopped and a loud coughing fit reached his ears, then silence. Oh. So that was still going on.

Jinki decided to pretend he couldn't hear it from way up here.

"Okay, Jinki-hyung, time to come down," Kibum said.

"Hi, Kibum, how was rehearsal?" Jinki asked. "Can you hand me my book? It's on the floor."

Kibum looked down, then back up at Jinki. "You can have it when you get down." He walked back to the door and called the rest of the boys. "Which should be soon."

Jinki sighed. "You have an idea?"

"I've been thinking about this all afternoon," Kibum said. "Trust me."

"Oh, is that why you kept screwing up your parts?" Jonghyun asked as he walked in. "I always knew you couldn't do more than one thing at once."

"Oh and what's your excuse, Mr. I-know-the-lyrics-to-my-own-song-only-I-know-them-wrong?"

Jonghyun gave Jinki an embarrassed smile, and Kibum turned back to Jinki. "We'll all hold on until you get used to being on the ground again."

"Okay, hyung, just concentrate really hard on staying on the ground," Taemin said. Minho chuckled, and Jonghyun and Kibum looked at him like he was crazy, but Jinki scrunched up his nose and thought grounded, grounded, grounded and he didn't go flying back up when they let go. He soon discovered that he could control this, mostly, though he did still tend to wake up most mornings on the ceiling. It seemed to present itself mostly when he was in that place so far beyond tired he couldn't even be bothered to mark it, as though his body just decided to remove itself and force him to take a day off. Jinki thought his body should have consulted him first. So much for mind over matter.

Mostly it was okay after that, except one particularly long Star King shooting. All the boys were clustered together, Jonghyun and Minho on either side of Jinki with Taemin and Kibum in the row behind. It was too warm in the studio and it had been hours since they started, and Jinki found himself starting to doze off.

Taemin told him later that he noticed first, and the fancams showed him diving forward and throwing his arms around Jinki. Luckily, both fans who had their cameras on him at the time had rather shaky grips, so nothing more was revealed than that. It just looked like a very sudden burst of affection.

Jinki yawned and looked up at Taemin. "Hey," he whispered.

"Hey," Taemin said, strain in his voice.

"You need something?" Jinki asked. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Minho turn toward them. His mouth dropped open slightly and he wrapped his arms around Jinki, using one hand to tap Jonghyun's thigh to get his attention, and placing one hand very firmly on Jinki's shoulder.

"Hyung," Minho said quietly. "You need to focus."

"Hm?" Jinki knew he hadn't been paying attention, but it hadn't really been the most exciting thing they'd ever filmed. None of them had been called down to the floor in ages, he didn't really see why he needed to focus - only then he realized that his feet weren't on the riser, and he was hovering about two inches above his seat. Taemin and Minho were doing their best, but he was in real danger of drifting off.

Jonghyun was staring at him with wide eyes, then he brushed that off in favor of a large grin. "Don't worry, hyung, I got you," he said, and Jinki just knew that meant trouble. Jonghyun turned toward him, swinging a leg over Jinki's and wrapping an arm around his waist, and leaned against his shoulder. "Unless you can make us both float. Actually." He sat upright again. "Can you?"

Kibum hissed in Jinki's ear, and from the way Jonghyun flinched, he must have heard, too. "If you two go floating off into space I will make sure you never come back. Save it for when we're home. And Jonghyun, could you possibly be a little more subtle? You look like you're about to start making out."

Jonghyun made a face at Kibum, but he backed off. Instead he leaned in, hand on Jinki's thigh, pressing down firmly. Minho took the other knee while Taemin and Kibum pushed down on Jinki's shoulders. Jinki tried his very best to stay awake and focused for the rest of the shoot, despite Jonghyun's reassurances.

"It's okay, hyung, really," he said more than once. "I'll hold you down."

"That sounds so wrong," Kibum mutterd.

Krystal turned around from the front row and shushed them.

Tags: au: superpowers, c: onew, f: shinee, pairing: gen, rating: g
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