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SHINee: that's fucked up

Title: That's Fucked Up
Focus: all five of them
Rating: PG(-13 for swears?)
Summary: shortfic; I felt like picking on Kibum again, apparently. lapslock edited.

Kibum sneezed and the air around him seemed to stretch and snap, and then he just wasn't there. They all stared, shocked into silence. Taemin was the first to move, diving forward to investigate the place where Kibum had just been. He arrived on the spot just as Kibum reappeared. Taemin crashed into him, and his momentum propelled them both backward, Kibum falling into the chair behind him and Taemin landing sprawled over him.

'What,' Jinki said.

'The,' Jonghyun's jaw dropped.

'Fuck,' Minho swore. 'Fuck that's weird.'

'Ow,' Kibum moaned. 'Taemin. Get off me. Right now.'

'Hyung,' Taemin said, lifting his head and looking at Kibum with such severity Kibum stopped rubbing the back of his head and paid attention to him, arm hanging in midair as if Kibum had forgotten it. Jonghyun would have laughed if everyone else hadn't been so silent. 'You disappeared.'

'Taemin,' Kibum responded gently. 'I sneezed.'

'I know,' Taemin said. 'And then you disappeared.'

Kibum leaned in and sniffed. 'You don't smell like alcohol.'

They didn't figure out what had happened until the next day, when Kibum coughed and for a moment, there were two Kibums. Jonghyun thought he was seeing things and may have screamed a little. Kibum stood stock-still, wide-eyed, and then stumbled into the kitchen.

'Coffee, I desperately need coffee,' he said, fumbling with the machine and rifling through all the wrong cupboards even though he knew where the coffee was kept.

'What happened?' Minho asked. 'Did you disappear again?'

Kibum stopped, bracing himself on the counter with both hands. 'I saw myself.'

Minho laughed. 'What, in a mirror? I told you not to let them cut your hair like that.'

'No. There were two of me. I mean, I coughed, and then suddenly I was standing next to myself. and then I coughed - I mean, the other me coughed, and then he - I mean I - I mean Other Me - disappeared and and and where the fuck is the coffee.' He started opening cupboards again. 'I am not equipped to deal with things like this uncaffeinated.'

'You're not,' Minho scoffed. 'What about the rest of us? Two of you? That's practically a horror flick.'

This might end up being part of something larger, but for now it can stand alone, I think. If you couldn't tell, Kibum sneezed himself into the future, and coughed himself into the past.

Hey come on, that makes sense. Really.
Tags: au: superpowers, f: shinee, pairing: gen, rating: pg
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